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Thank you for your interest in the former Tandberg Connections Program. With the broad adoption of video communication across the globe, we have recognized the need for more integrated programs to drive new ways to connect with technology. Therefore, we will not be offering virtual fieldtrips via the program any longer. We will, however be replacing the program with several others that we think you will find exciting for both you and your students!

Among these programs, below are a few of the most exciting!

KC3 Contest: Kids Creating Community Content (KC3) contest, which has no restrictions on who can participate, etc. and has been a HUGE success over the last three years. Leveraging project-based learning and student-led content, this contest is award-winning and continues to receive accolades from participants! Check it out at http://kc3.cilc.org

Connected Learning Exchange: In addition, Cisco has launched and is building an education community called the Connected Learning Exchange. This is an exciting social community designed just for educators the site is live now, and will be promoted extensively this school year as it is built out and more content and groups are created: Check it out at http://connectedlearningexchange.cisco.com/

Looking for a virtual fieldtrip, professional development program or specific learning experience conducted over video? You can Search for programs by keyword, category, content provider, and cost at http://www.cilc.org/search.aspx?restrict=cilc_programs. Some programs are free of charge.

Looking to connect with another class, educator or professional? Check out the Collaboration Center! This is a great place to share your ideas for a collaborative project or search for a collaboration partner. This free feature is located at http://www.cilc.org/c/community/collaboration_center.aspx.

For additional resources, visit the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) website at www.cilc.org. You will find a wealth of information about the use of videoconferencing and collaborative technologies in both the student and educator classroom. To learn more about the CILC and its many resources, take the Learn to Use CILC.org webinar. Click here to register: http://www.cilc.org/calendar_event_detail.aspx?id=136&categoryid=4.

If you have questions, concerns or want to discuss the changes, please feel free to contact Kerry Best at kerbest@cisco.com.